Software Engineer

I am an engineer and developer with a deep passion for bringing meaningful ideas to life through code. My interest in technology has allowed me to advance my skills with my own projects and provided valuable experience working with others. I am proficient in JavaScript and many other popular programming languages and web technologies.

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Senior Software Engineer @ GAC Group

Oct '23 - Present | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Engineered front-end solutions with Angular, React.js, and Typescript using advanced workflows and state management libraries (including Redux) for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Led the optimization and refactoring efforts of internal React projects to improve application performance by implementing best practices, code splitting, and efficient state management.
  • Developed and maintain high-performance Backend APIs using C# in conjunction with the ASP.NET Core framework, ensuring scalability, security, and seamless integration with front-end applications.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate Azure services seamlessly into a full-stack web application.
  • Troubleshot issues by connecting and debugging APIs in local environments, demonstrating proficiency in RESTful APIs and SQL queries.
  • Collaborated closely with Business Analysts and external customers to gather comprehensive requirements, contributing to effective solution design and implementation.
  • Attended requirements gathering sessions with external customers and internal teams, fostering clear communication channels and utilizing React.js and Angular workflows.
  • Proactively identified and highlighted potential risks during the initial phase of analysis, demonstrating strong analytical skills.
  • Implemented new projects and components in coordination with Technical Leads and Architects, leveraging expertise in Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns.
  • Worked closely with QA teams, ensuring high-quality software delivery by participating in test case execution.
  • Led multiple improvements for existing frameworks and actively participated in code reviews, contributing to the continuous enhancement of development processes.
  • Authored coded unit tests, actively participated in system tests, and User Acceptance Testing (UATs) to ensure software quality.
  • Conducted production support and maintenance activities, ensuring system stability and performance using a combination of RDBMS and No-SQL databases.
  • Mentored junior team members, conducted code reviews, pair programming, and knowledge-sharing sessions to foster a collaborative and learning environment.
TypeScript · React.js · Nest.js


Independently developed an entire startup, transforming their vision into a vibrant reality!

ChargeDeals is a solution to the EV community with a mission focused on boosting local economies by providing a win-win solution for businesses and electric vehicle drivers and I was contracted to develop this idea.

I led the creation of an innovative startup focused on boosting local economies while empowering businesses and electric vehicle drivers. Using my skills in modern technologies, I carefully built a strong web application using TypeScript, React, Nest.js and a variety of other cutting-edge tools and technologies combined with advanced algorithms, best practices, and software structures to efficiently manage data and achieve top-notch performance.

This comprehensive approach not only ensures a smooth and seamless user experience but also improves my software engineering skills, underscoring my commitment to innovation and technical excellence.

React Native · Express.js · Supabase (PostgreSQL) · Prisma

React Native Challenge

Cross-platform Mobile Development

All of the tasks and details are in the repository's Readme including API documentation.

React.js · Redux · Python


Create Playlists Of Your Favourite Videos From Any Site.

Plai.tv is a web application/PWA that acts as an all-in-one library for all media video online across different platforms


Sellapp Migration App

Migration app for e-commerce platforms

Migration tool from e-commerce platforms to Sell.app platform, utilizes API calls and converts data from other platforms to match Sellapp's API



CQRS architecture demonstration

Senior level front-end coding challenge source that demonstrates the use of CQRS architecture alongside different logic integrations with Node/Express backend.


Hive Plug & Play

Build dApps on Hive, easily

Hive Plug & Play is a customizable layer 2 microservice that simplifies buidling custom_json centric dApps on the Hive blockchain.



Set the rules against cyber threats together

Vue.js · Tailwind

Vue Twitter Clone

Tailwind, Vue Responsive Twitter Clone

Junior level project using all that is publicly available to clone Twitter UI with the tweet functionality on the front-end using Tailwind.

Vue.js · Vuex · Tailwind


TheAudioDB Application

Music search application, displays informations about artists such as albums, biography, songs that are available on youtube and much more using TheAudioDB API.



The customizable Payments Bot you need

Vue.js · Tailwind


Linux support for Apple devices with the T2 security chip

T2linux is a project that aims to patch Linux and associated distros for Apple T2-based devices.

React.js · Node.js · Express.js · MongoDB

eCommerce Forums

Discussions board with store functionality

Forum discussion boards MERN application that utilizes eCommerce functionalities using Stripe on the back-end with MongoDB.

React.js · Tailwind

HAT Explorer

Blockchain Explorer for Hive Attention Tokens

Sidechain explorer open source project for transactions related to a HIVE application transactions.

Nuxt.js · PHP


Business management services in Saudi Arabia

React.js · Redux


TheMovieDB Application

Web application that has complete use of TheMovieDB API which also demonstrates the use of Redux Thunk with React Hooks.

React.js · Redux · Firebase


Firebase GitHub Application

A nicer look to Github profiles using features such as user search, authentication that demonstrates the use of data visualization with charts, Firebase and the GitHub API.

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